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Have you considered moving your phone to an IP (Internet) connection instead? This could offer you the following benefits:

If you’re worried about the quality of an IP line give us a call, we have a full VOIP system and would be happy to dispel any concerns you have.

Getting to know your network is crucial for us to manage it properly, we rely on learning how your network works so as we know how to keep it working to its highest standard. It also helps us make the vital changes that need to be made to get it running flawlessly.  

As a company we have a vast knowledge of different Systems and Network Configurations and we use this knowledge to suss out how you’re IT and how it is used within the company.

We make a point of talking to the people using the IT as well as the people managing them. Doing this we uncover how the infrastructure affects their day to day role and reveal any issues that could be costing you money!

Brunswick Computers Ltd. are part of the largest IT buying group by spend in the UK, allowing us to provide and maintain any products you need for Trade Level Prices.

If you are interested in us coming out to do an audit of your Network Infrastructure please do not hesitate to give us a call.