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Brunswick Computers Ltd.

Unit 4, The Bridgewater Complex



L20 8AH

Brunswick Computers will ensure your business benefits from a reliable and secure computer system every day by providing first-class Support and Development for your Network and I.T. Infrastructures.

If just one element of your computer network fails it can end up losing you valuable business time and data. Brunswick Computers take a proactive approach to supporting our customers and minimalize down time.

Many of our clients have Networks that have been developed over time and they appreciate our ability to support their individual IT needs.

We also realise times are hard and not everyone can afford the most expensive maintenance contracts, Our Basic Package can start from as little as £5.00 a month per PC.

Our Basic Package will include a Business Class Antivirus installed on every machine included for protection against potential threats, Monitoring Software to maintain your computer systems and report on any anomalies. Support can be provided for one office or across multi-sites and remote users in the UK and abroad. The Monitoring is 24/7 ease of mind and to ensure the vast majority of issues can be resolved remotely, saving you time and money.

We also offer higher levels of support which include extra levels of maintenance to ensure a smoother running business, these include the Basic Package with some extra parameters for more info on the higher levels of support feel free to contact us.

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